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Ms. Michele Claudel  
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Mr Heinz Ettinger
Lady Michelham of Hellingly
Mr. Norman Isserles

Master Jacques Mentha
Mr. Pierre-Francois Unger

The project:


The transmission of stories,  since ancient times, has brought us ideas, personal dreams of a better time, proofs of bravery, myths, knowledge and the memory of youth. 

The world, collectively, from generation to generation, has heard the value of this tradition.


Ardan Michael Blum

'Geneva' by Mr. George Koller

I remember that between 1925 and 1930, there was a crier in the morning, or with a trumpet, he sold for 20 cts. a handful of illustrated newspapers, and then there were equalment a shepherd who came with his goats and also sold for 20 cts. (almost ½ liter of milk). 
There was the glazier who passed with several panes on his back and shouted "glazier" who passed with the tinsmith who put the iron services back as new.​
In a word, it was an era, several manual trades!

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